Your contact centre is one of the main points of interaction with your customers. And it should be a shining light in your business when it comes to delivering a great Customer Experience (CX).

So, understandably, keeping it in the best shape possible is critical to your success. But given the myriad underlying complexities, maintaining peak contact centre condition is often easier said than done.

Why does the effectiveness of your contact centre erode over time?
It’s an ongoing challenge to stay competitive, relevant, and aligned. With the shifting demands of the customer landscape and evolving business requirements, it can be difficult to gauge if your contact centre currently delivers what’s needed to keep you at the top of your game, and out in front of your competitors.

And it’s doubly hard when your focus is firmly on everyday operations.

There’s usually little enough time to take your eye off the ball, let alone evaluate your contact centre and CX to ensure they reflect your evolving business goals, identify areas for improvement, and deliver a positive ROI.

Welcome to Digital Island Consulting Services
Sometimes all it takes to get a clear, objective overview of what’s going well in your contact centre, and what’s not, is to seek an expert, external perspective.

Digital Island’s Consulting Services team can evaluate all aspects of your contact centre and CX, including strategic alignment, strategic objective realisation, your technology roadmap, and operational efficiency.

Our Consulting Services Audit provides comprehensive reporting and recommendations on where you are now, what needs to change, and how to achieve a fully optimised, future state contact centre.


What’s involved in our Consulting Services Audit?


+ Establish where you are now
First, we identify and document the current state of your contact centre and benchmark it against industry best practices.

  • We advise how to align your contact centre strategy with your organisational strategy and objectives
  • We assess the skills, capability, and knowledge of your agents and supervisors
  • We review your staffing levels, scheduling and forecasting
  • We identify KPIs and targets
  • We advise on operating models, efficiency, processes, and best practices.

+ Develop a roadmap to the future
Next, we provide actionable, focussed recommendations and initiatives to move your contact centre into your desired and aligned ‘future state’.

  • We deliver a list of itemised enhancements and projects to maximise the value of your contact centre
  • We provide a future contact centre technology blueprint
  • We detail the systems required for customer interaction and how they integrate with your contact centre ecosystem?

+ Support your ability to change
We don’t just leave you alone to navigate the recommended changes. Our qualified and highly experienced Professional Services team is here to support and enable you to optimise or transform your contact centre. From strategy design to project management and execution, through to change management, we can help.

Why Digital Island?


+ Work with a trusted, experienced partner
When you decide to work with Digital Island, you’re choosing experience, expertise, and excellence. We’ve been delivering unified communications and contact centres to New Zealand businesses and organisations since 2004. And it shows.

But we think our customers say it best. This is what LANtech said about us: “From the start, this has been one of the slickest projects I have been a part of. The team at Digital Island delivered this with absolute precision, not one project date was missed. This ongoing partnership with Digital Island is giving us the ability to add all the stuff that makes me excited about working in IT… Robotics, AI and the leading-edge tech that will give our team and our customers the best experience ever.


+ Select your service level
No two companies are alike. Digital Island offers you service options that suit your needs and your budget. From simple user and administration portals to custom reporting and how-to-videos. Or, if you want to escalate your already excellent customer service further – or overcome an inherent issue – ask us for our professional advice and support.


+ Exceptional consultancy and advisory services
We do more, by design. Many of our customers are driven by a genuine desire to provide an exceptional and memorable customer experience. Digital Island can work alongside your team to develop a Communications and Contact Centre Strategy, provide integration to your line-of-business applications, customise your solution to meet your requirements and KPIs. We can also undertake one-off or regular independent system and capability reviews, and carry out custom and security penetration testing.


+ Full suite of professional services
Unsure that your contact centre solution is pulling its weight? We can audit and document issues, provide recommendations, design, and implement solution improvements or system replacements, provide trained project and change management services, along with best-practice testing, deployment, and documentation. And because we know that’s only part of the job, we also offer business continuity planning.


+ Stress-free and cost-effective managed services
Digital Island Managed Services offers Silver, Gold and Platinum SLA plans to meet your business needs. Regardless of your plan, you receive priority incident management support for your cloud contact centre via our dedicated service desk, backed up with real-time reporting and always-on solution monitoring. So you’ll always be able to accurately report on the status and performance of your contact centre. We additionally provide Advance reporting, MAC, managed service delivery, and solution evolution.