Your contact centre is one of the main points of interaction with your customers and plays a vital role in delivering a great Customer Experience (CX). Keeping your contact centre in the best shape possible is critical to your business success. However, there are a myriad of complexities that make up an effective contact centre.

The challenge is to stay competitive, relevant and aligned
With the shifting demands of the customer landscape and evolving business requirements, it can be hard to gauge the effectiveness of your contact centre.

To remain competitive and relevant, your contact centre must align with your organisation’s strategic objectives. However, this can be a challenging exercise when your focus is firmly on everyday operations.
There’s usually little time to take your eye off the ball, let alone evaluate your contact centre and CX to ensure they reflect your often evolving business goals, identify areas for improvement, and deliver a positive ROI.

Welcome to Digital Island Consulting Services
Digital Island can provide an external and expert perspective. Our Consulting Services team can evaluate all aspects of your contact centre and CX, including strategic alignment, strategic objective realisation, your technology roadmap, and contact centre operational efficiency.



We conduct a Consulting Services Audit to identify and document the current state of your contact centre and benchmark it against industry best practices. We also advise how you can develop, execute, and continuously improve your ideal contact centre strategy to support your organisational objectives and goals. In addition, we can provide recommendations and initiatives to move your contact centre into your desired ‘future state’.

Key areas covered by our Review of Contact Centre Strategy

  • Organisational strategy and objectives and contact centre strategy alignment.
  • Assessment of the skills, capability, and knowledge of your agents and supervisors.
  • Review of your staffing levels, scheduling and forecasting Identification of KPIs and targets.
  • Advisory on operating models, efficiency, processes, and best practices.
  • A full report detailing the current state, future state, and recommendations.
  • A list of enhancements and projects to maximise contact centre value.
  • A contact centre technology blueprint detailing the systems required for customer interaction and how they integrate with your contact centre ecosystem.
Achieve your future state contact centre with Digital Island

Following a Review of Contact Centre Operations, we offer a range of detailed focus areas designed to maximise the effectiveness of your contact centre.

  • Transformational change management with measurable business value.
  • Contact centre strategy design.
  • Digital transformation execution and project management.
  • Contact centre technology roadmap and design.
  • Outsourcing advice.
  • Contact centre optimisation.
  • Workforce management.
  • Change leadership.