Your contact centre is your competitive edge. It’s at the core of what it takes to successfully win, serve, and retain customers for both B2B and B2C organisations.

As rising customer expectations push you to deliver ever-improving CX, it’s never been more important to harness the latest technologies so you can offer better, more efficient, and responsive service and support.

It’s only through moving your contact centre to the cloud that you can achieve significant scalability, flexibility, reliability at scale, and improved value for money. And, of course, the sort of CX that will delight your customers.

Transform your contact centre with Digital Island
Digital Island is a specialist Communications and Cloud Contact Centre provider. We understand what it takes to transform your existing system into a modern, user-friendly, client-centric solution that helps you achieve your business ambitions.

By bringing together best-in-breed technologies with our significant expertise and range of service offerings, Digital Island can offer you the most all-encompassing Cloud Contact Centre solutions available in today’s market.
Rediscover your competitive edge with us.

Why a Cloud Contact Centre solution?


+ Deliver better client experiences
Enhance the customer service experience with omnichannel capabilities, including voice, email, SMS, chat, IoT, and social platforms – so they can talk to you in the way they feel most comfortable. With flexible call management, not only can inbound calls be answered more quickly, but the agent knows who’s calling and see their previous interactions before the call commences – saving the customer from needing to establish credentials and repeat their story. And if a customer doesn’t want to hold, they can choose to leave messages or request a call-back.


+ Enhance call management capabilities
Enjoy complete visibility of call queues and real-time reporting! Always know how many callers are waiting, and use predictive call routing to manage unexpectedly high call volumes. Easily redirect overflow calls, and speed up resolution time by assigning specific calls to the best-qualified agent. In addition, calls can be prioritised so high-value or overseas customers are answered first. And with real-time and historical reporting on call queues, your supervisors and management can determine performance, monitor staffing levels, identify problems, and analyse trends. And did we mention advanced reporting options, dashboards and wallboards?


+ Empower your agents and supervisors
Help your agents resolve calls more easily and quickly! Agents know who’s calling and can view the customer’s details and past calls on screen as soon as they connect – so the agent-customer interaction can be personalised and productive! With an online knowledge bank, an agent can answer customer questions faster or even use an intelligent bot to proactively suggest answers during the conversation. And if a call isn’t going well, call sentiment functionality can pick up on words and tonality that alert your supervisor that the agent needs help.


+ Leverage new technologies
With cloud comes the latest and most innovative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Sentiment Analysis, Advanced Analytics, Work Force Management, Voice Integrations, out-of-the-box APIs, communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS), Smart IVR, AD integration, database look-ups and more. So if you’ve wished for it, now you can get it.


+ Integrate with other business-critical applications
Drive productivity and efficiency! Our cloud contact centre solutions come with ready integration to a wide range of market-leading and popular CRM and case management applications, including Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Zoho, and Zendesk.


+ Be inclusive
Combine your communications needs in one system so you can connect everyone – from field staff to the corporate office to your agents - to the same system no matter which application/platform they use. Utilise Wi-Fi Voice, DECT, Analogue, Softphone, Corporate Office, and Complex Contact Centre.


+ Embrace the flexibility of the Cloud
Cloud means flexibility. It doesn’t matter if your business is complex or straightforward, an SMB or SME, corporation, enterprise, or government department – cloud will fit you. Cloud contact centre solutions offer genuine affordability for all sizes. In addition, the solutions we offer require minimal on-site hardware or software, so scaling up – or down – is easy and can be done in real-time. And our solutions work on Private, Public, Hybrid or multi-cloud platforms to suit your current and future requirements.


+ Become more resilient to change
Don’t be defined by your inability to cope with the unexpected. A cloud contact centre enables a remote, flexible or hybrid working model – so if it’s a blackout, a natural event, or a pandemic lockdown, you’re still close to your customers. All your agents need is an internet connection and a headset. Need to quickly top up agent numbers to manage a significant increase in calls? Easily onboard new agents from anywhere in the world to handle more calls, more language requirements, and across multiple time zones.


+ Meet all compliance and security objectives
Customer security and privacy is paramount. Achieve 100% confidence that you meet the requirements of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), can safely integrate with all credit card payment providers, and scrub confidential financial details from recorded calls.


+ Business benefits you’ll love
With cloud applications comes the ability to scale – up or down – with ease and speed. So as business changes, so can you. With modern OPEX finance models, intuitive and advanced technology, seamless upgrades to keep your solution evergreen, reliability and redundancy, outsourced platforms, and management to reduce internal stress, and the confidence of compliance and robust security, you’ll never look back.


+ Cost models to suit your business
Make your CFO happy with a cost model that suits your business or organisation and how you work. Choose from pay-as-you-go, fixed price, or opt for consumption-based.

Why Digital Island?


+ Work with a trusted, experienced partner
When you decide to work with Digital Island, you’re choosing experience, expertise, and excellence. We’ve been delivering unified communications and contact centres to New Zealand businesses and organisations since 2004. And it shows.

But we think our customers say it best. This is what LANtech said about us: “From the start, this has been one of the slickest projects I have been a part of. The team at Digital Island delivered this with absolute precision, not one project date was missed. This ongoing partnership with Digital Island is giving us the ability to add all the stuff that makes me excited about working in IT… Robotics, AI and the leading-edge tech that will give our team and our customers the best experience ever.


+ Select your service level
No two companies are alike. Digital Island offers you service options that suit your needs and your budget. From simple user and administration portals to custom reporting and how-to-videos. Or, if you want to escalate your already excellent customer service further – or overcome an inherent issue – ask us for our professional advice and support.


+ Exceptional consultancy and advisory services
We do more, by design. Many of our customers are driven by a genuine desire to provide an exceptional and memorable customer experience. Digital Island can work alongside your team to develop a Communications and Contact Centre Strategy, provide integration to your line-of-business applications, customise your solution to meet your requirements and KPIs. We can also undertake one-off or regular independent system and capability reviews, and carry out custom and security penetration testing.


+ Full suite of professional services
Unsure that your contact centre solution is pulling its weight? We can audit and document issues, provide recommendations, design, and implement solution improvements or system replacements, provide trained project and change management services, along with best-practice testing, deployment, and documentation. And because we know that’s only part of the job, we also offer business continuity planning.


+ Stress-free and cost-effective managed services
Digital Island Managed Services offers Silver, Gold and Platinum SLA plans to meet your business needs. Regardless of your plan, you receive priority incident management support for your cloud contact centre via our dedicated service desk, backed up with real-time reporting and always-on solution monitoring. So you’ll always be able to accurately report on the status and performance of your contact centre. We additionally provide Advance reporting, MAC, managed service delivery, and solution evolution.