We designed our Telepo UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) Contact Centre for SMEs tired of the constraints and costs of fibre and traditional PBX and onsite contact centre systems.

As well as providing a tremendous array of secure business communication and collaboration features (from audio conferencing to file sharing, mobile apps to instant messaging), Telepo offers all the contact centre capabilities you need to grow your business.

With features like proactive queue management, the ability to distribute calls to mobiles, skills-based routing, and comprehensive real-time and scheduled reporting, your contact centre will be buzzing, your customers delighted, and your supervisors and agents feeling in control.

And because Digital Island Telepo is cloud-based, with a flexible subscription model, your monthly operating costs are always predictable. You'll never pay for a software upgrade again, or fork out for ongoing maintenance costs to maintain onsite hardware. And scaling is simple.

Hundreds of Kiwi businesses with thousands of seats use Digital Island Telepo every day with great results. And in just 3-4 weeks, you can too.


Capabilities and benefits you'll love?


+ Go beyond PBX
Digital Island Telepo goes well beyond the traditional PBX. Features include a fully-featured contact centre, voice and instant messaging across all devices, mobile and desktop apps, web-based reporting, audio call conferencing, an integrated inbox, file and screen sharing, call recording, auto attendants (to manage unanswered calls) and more.

You can also unite your desktop and mobile phones under a single identity, so calls made from your mobile will appear to be from your landline. And you can switch from desktop to mobile on the run.


+ Skills-based routing for faster call resolution
Improve call resolutions times (and customer happiness) by assigning skill-based scores to your agents so you can route customer calls to the person best qualified to solve their issue quickly and efficiently.


+ Gain complete visibility of your call queue
Knowledge is power - up the stakes with live real-time monitoring of ACD, attendant queues and agents. Empower your supervisor to see the number of calls in the queue, how long it takes agents to answer and complete calls, and how many customers drop off. As it happens. Your contact centre supervisor can even share the metrics on web-enabled wallboards.

And to further improve customer satisfaction and spread the call load more fairly, your supervisor can change agent and queue availability to manage unplanned call volumes.


+ Automated call distribution (ACD) for more effective call management
ACD helps your businesses maximise its resources by allowing you to handle large numbers of incoming customer calls and answer them with as few trained agents as possible. An ACD system routes incoming calls to the longest idle agent within a specific skills group. If all agents are engaged, calls are queued and forwarded to the next available agent.

And with ACD Group Presence, an agent can selectively and instantly join or leave an agent group (or a collection of agent groups) without logging in or out.


+ Empower your agents to do better
Help your agents to do what they do best. With integrated online presence and agent and queue control, your agents can identify customers, conference in product experts or a supervisor if needed, to improve communications and call handling.

Agents can also schedule 'rest time' or time out to action next steps arising from a previous call. And transferring a call to another agent, group or supervisor is simple – it just takes a simple drag-and-drop, and it's done.


+ Improve the customer experience
Reduce customer frustration and drive up satisfaction! Enable customers to choose which queue they join (support, technical, sales, etc.) so their issue or question is resolved more quickly – by the right person. Advise their position in a queue or wait time, and proactively offer call-backs instead of waiting.


+ Ramp up your reporting
Telepo offers powerful and easy web-based reporting that provides you and your business with the information needed to make better decisions. View reports in real or historical time, understand agent performance, call patterns and trends, call abandonment rates, and see how well your contact centre performs.


+ Scale up or down, easily
Grow or downsize your contact centre without increasing overheads, or paying penalties for reducing agent numbers. Improve the employee experience by enabling them to work at home, and minimise your investment in physical office space. And if you need to up the size of your team in a hurry, you're not constrained by geography. Instead, you can recruit new skilled agents from anywhere in the world (and expand your operating hours to boot) and retain the services of valued agents who wish to relocate for lifestyle or family reasons.


+ Reduce your contact centre costs
Telepo is a true cloud OPEX model with a per-user, per-month billing construct providing cost certainty. You'll have no large CAPEX-heavy upfront investment or ongoing maintenance costs to maintain onsite hardware. And because it's cloud, your contact centre will be evergreen as all platform software upgrades are inclusive.


+ Change on demand
Want to make changes to your Telepo system? There's no need to wait for a technician; you can make changes yourself through the simple and intuitive admin portal. But if you prefer Digital Island to help, just call our super-fast support team. We guarantee a 2-hour response time, and can make the changes remotely where possible or arrange for a technician to visit you, pronto!


+ Count on us for security, availability, and resiliency
Telepo uses TLS Encryption to communicate with our dedicated voice servers, which in turn, are protected by industry best practice security standards and practices. So you have exceptional security, day in, day out.

Telepo is a hosted service with built-in geo-redundancy with Business Continuity DR Plans. We've also included simple Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to maximise your uptime.